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SEO Gambling Guide: Part 1: Welcome to Gambling World!

This guide will help every person who is familiar with SEO to start working with the gambling industry. That is why it will be written with certain elements for beginners; so, please, if you are already familiar with the topic, do not tell me that “this is for noobs.” If you are already working with this niche and have success, this guide will hardly be useful to you, except that it may help you to look at some things from a different perspective.

Hello! It is the first part of my guide “SEO in the gambling niche.” You can find all parts of the guide here.

Why is this guide free? It’s common for everyone to create courses, and I thought about it but decided to make it free, first of all. There are certain reasons. After all, taking any course or guide is not a guarantee of 100% results; it is only information that will help you achieve the result, but it all depends on you.

Will this guide help you make money? I believe that the information here is more than enough to start working in the gambling industry and earn money.

Therefore, don’t buy any courses; just wait until I post all the materials here. Besides articles, there will be videos and screenshots. It will be interesting.

Let’s get started

Gambling is games of chance for money. This concept includes absolutely everything related to gambling. Participation in any game that involves the risk of losing money to win money. There is another more recent concept – iGaming, which means online games, namely, gambling. I think it is more correct to use the word iGaming.

iGaming categories

To avoid confusion, let’s analyze 2 categories in detail.

Category 1 – Casino Games

The first category is casino games, which are divided into the following types that may include additional subcategories, but I will focus on the main ones, as it is enough.

Table Games (card games are also included here)

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack (we call it “score” or “twenty-one”)
  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Poker (Texas hold’em, etc.)

Slot machines

  • Slot machine
  • Video lottery
  • Video poker

Games with random numbers

  • Bingo
  • Keno

Category 2 – Betting/wagering

Betting on events (sports or anything else) is a form of gambling. Therefore, when someone says that betting and gambling are different things, it is not quite true.

Betting is also divided into many different categories

Sports betting

  • Boxing
  • Football
  • MMA
  • Tennis
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Table tennis

Betting on eSports

  • Dota 2
  • CS:GO
  • Pubg
  • etc.

Betting on horse racing

Bets on specific events

  • Will Trump become president for the second time?
  • Will Vin Diesel create the 20th Fast and Furious movie?
  • Will Jolie return to Brad Pitt?

I think you get the point

This guide is designed for casino games, so there will be little to nothing about betting.

There are quite serious differences between these two categories, and you will understand them when you get to know one of them better.

In general, 98% of websites in the gambling niche are review sites, i.e. sites that review betting or casino websites with affiliate links that will lead to players being assigned to you and you will receive income from their deposits.

Examples of review sites

Betting review sites:

Casino review sites:

What games do people play the most

The statistics of player preferences around the world are changing but not significantly, with the only exception being the impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic, when many sporting events were canceled or not held at all, and the sports betting market suffered significant losses.

On average, the figures are as follows:

  • Betting – 50-60%.
  • Casino games – 20-30%
  • Poker – 6-8% (traditionally counted separately)
  • Bingo – 4% 
  • Lotteries – 9%

I would like to note that among casino games, the most popular are slot machines or slots – 60-70% of online casino users play them. This is due to their simplicity, accessibility from mobile devices, and the development of high-speed mobile Internet.

Thus, online slots are rightfully considered the kings of online casinos.

An interesting fact is that some online casinos prefer no-skill games, in which the probability of winning depends on the player’s luck rather than their skills. For example, slot machines. But skill-based games include such titles as poker. There are also mixed versions, which include roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and craps. Why is this so? Because casinos do not want to play games in which a person can somehow influence the game. As a future affiliate, you should know this.

Online Casino & Live Casino

A live casino is part of an online casino or rather a casino game with a live mode, just using a webcam with a casino dealer.

Gamers usually play blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker. I would like to note that live casino games are played by quite wealthy people, who often play for large sums of money.

Bonuses in online casinos

It is very important to understand the bonuses that online casinos provide to players. After all, a very large percentage of traffic is generated by bonus keywords.

So, casino bonuses are:

  1. Deposit bonuses – a player deposits an amount of money, and the casino adds to this amount on top of it. For example, “100% Deposit Bonus” means that the casino will increase the amount of money deposited by the player by 100% at its expense. There are restrictions, though. For example, the casino sets a limit and gives 100% on the deposit, but if it is up to $1,000.
  2. Free spins – a bonus in slot machines, when the spin is free for the player.
  3. No-deposit bonuses – bonuses that a player receives without making a deposit to the casino account. Most often, they are given in the form of free spins for slots or a certain amount of money to the casino balance.
  4. Cashback bonuses – part of the money is returned to the player from some bets in games.

Remember: No “free” bonus gives the player the right to easily withdraw the money received with its help; there are various conditions and requirements for this, for example, wagering in slots, wagering requirements, etc.

The size of the wager is the number of bets that a player must wager before withdrawing money from their bonus account. If the wagering requirement is x40, it means that to withdraw the winnings from the bonus, a player must place bets for the amount that is 40 times higher than the initial bonus amount.

Wagering is also needed to fight against bonus hunters: previously, some online casinos allowed withdrawing bonuses without wagering or with a minimum number of bets. A player would register, receive a bonus, withdraw money, and the casino would lose money.

I would also like to note that newcomers are often confused by some bonuses, for example, a welcome no-deposit casino bonus.

And they can’t understand where to put the semantics, what kind of cluster it is, what to do…

A welcome bonus (sometimes called a sign-up bonus) is a greeting bonus, i.e. for new casino users who have registered, and it can be given in the form of a deposit bonus:

  • A deposit bonus (100%, 200%, 300%)
  • Free spins
  • A certain amount of money

But “welcome no deposit bonus” means that a person is looking for a casino that offers a no-deposit bonus (money or free spins) for registration

“Free spins no deposit” – a person is looking for a no-deposit bonus in the form of free spins

“$10 no deposit bonus” – a person is looking for a $10 bonus to the casino account balance

Bonuses are also issued in other games.

Who are high rollers?

Gamblers who play for high stakes. High rollers are the dream of any affiliate who works for a casino. You may bring 100 people to the casino and they will bring you $100 in total revenue, or one player (high roller) may bring you $10,000. People often call them “high rollers.”

When someone says “caught a high roller,” they mean that they attracted a player to the casino who plays for very large amounts.

There is always a high roller that will pay off all your expenses on the website (с) Roman Doroshenko

An example of high rollers. The amounts of deposits they have made to the casino account. For a person who deposited $7,640, this is also the first deposit.

What amounts should a person play for to be called a high roller? Everything is relative. But if the average deposit of a player in a casino in Canada, Australia, and other Tier-1 GEOs is $60-80, you understand that when a person deposits 7-8 thousand at a time, it is quite a lot.

How online casinos work

I am deeply convinced that if you want to promote something, or, in other words, sell it, you have to be well-versed in it. That is why I decided to explain many things related to gambling in detail.

So, what is an online casino in general?

An online casino is a website that hosts games from certain developers. For example, Microgaming, Playtech, Novomatic, and Betsoft. Most often, games are hosted on developers’ servers, and their creators are responsible for their uninterrupted work, correctness, etc. They are “embedded” on the website.

The website of the casino is managed by the operator. Their responsibilities include operations on depositing and withdrawing players’ funds, attracting new customers (marketing), customer support, and holding promotions and tournaments.

Any decent casino game manufacturer is tested by independently accredited verification centers, for example:

  • eCOGRA
  • Gaming Laboratories International
  • iTech Labs
  • Technical Services Bureau

In other words, if a game manufacturer does not have a certificate from any testing centers, it can indicate that the creators are dishonest.

Why is it important, and what are RNG and RTP?

Random number generators (RNGs) are the most important element of online casino games because they provide the complete randomness necessary for the outcome of these random-based online games.

A random number generator, or RNG, is a type of computer program that, as the name suggests, randomly generates numbers. Every second, RNGs produce huge sequences of numbers that do not follow any pattern. They are responsible for providing one or a set of numbers from the series at any time upon request.

All casino games without a dealer are based on RNGs, so it is important that the game manufacturer is verified and certified.

About RTP

RTP is the percentage of payouts to the player set by the developer in a particular slot. The abbreviation is formed from the phrase Return to Player.

The RTP indicator shows the percentage ratio between the player’s victory and the gambling establishment’s revenue. For example, if a player bets $100 on a slot with a 95% RTP, they are GUARANTEED to receive $95. To confirm the fact that a slot has a 95% RTP, a lot of spins are needed. That is why the gaming software should be checked because an unscrupulous developer can significantly underestimate the RTP value.

An interesting fact: offline casinos have a lower RTP than online ones because the costs of maintaining an offline casino are much higher.

And one more thing: now, you understand the meaning of the phrase “the casino always wins.”

So, a contract is concluded between a game developer and a casino operator, the developer allows the use of their software (games), and the operator pays them for it. The software manufacturer monitors the performance of games, and the operator performs all other functions.

Work only with those casino brands that use verified and licensed software; otherwise, you will be pouring traffic to fraudsters who cheat their players and partners, that is, you!

Regulators and licensing authorities of online casinos

It is crucial to have a license to operate an online casino. After all, without a license, no reputable banks and payment services will cooperate with a casino, which entails difficulties with the deposit of money by players and the withdrawal of their funds (although this is less of a concern for operators). Yes, no casino wants players to withdraw their money easily.

The second problem is that if a casino does not have a license, then in many countries where online gambling is allowed, it may be prohibited from providing services to citizens of this country; otherwise, the operator will face serious problems with the law, fines, and even prison terms.

And the third problem in the absence of a license is the distrust of players, but, of course, if they even know what it is. Experienced players look at the casino license first of all rather than at bonuses and promotions.

Licenses can be local. For example, for an online casino to operate in Poland, it must have a Polish license, and there is a regulator that monitors it.

And there are countries where regulators (government agencies) permit the work of casinos with international licenses from gambling commissions that are recognized worldwide.

For example:

Curacao license is a very popular license due to its cost and availability, the possibility to pay for it in crypto, 0% corporate tax, and 2% net profit tax. It is very popular among young operators. Among the restrictions, this license does not allow accepting players from the USA, France, the Netherlands, and Curacao.

Malta (MGA) is the homeland of the iGaming industry. The Malta Gambling Authority (MGA) is one of the most prestigious licenses in the gambling world, recognized throughout Europe. The licensing process is quite complicated, with 5 stages and a rather long waiting time for a decision. It has as many as 4 types of licenses.

Kahnawake (KGC) is also a fairly reputable authority that has 2 types of licenses: one for all types of games except live games, and the other for live games. There is an advantage for operators because the corporate tax of this commission is only 0% and there are no other taxes at first. It is very convenient while the casino is developing. The licensing process is quite simple.

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is probably the most prestigious license in the world, except for the United States (there is a separate case). It is very difficult and expensive to obtain.

AAMS (Italy) – The Italian Commission Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato, better known as AAMS, regulate online gambling in Italy.

I think these examples are enough. The most important thing you need to know about licenses is that the steeper the license of a casino, the higher the probability that it will work stably in different countries.

However, do not think that if a casino does not have a license in any country, it will not accept players from there, because, fortunately for affiliates, operators often bypass the local laws of many countries and accept players from there. And regulators of countries try to deal with them in different ways, with one of the most popular being prohibiting payment methods or banks from working with casinos that do not have domestic licenses.

As an affiliate, you need to choose those casinos that will not deceive their players, because it is highly likely that they will not cheat their partners, i.e. you.

Learn more about licenses:](

Payment methods

Convenient payment methods in online casinos are often a decisive factor for gamblers when they choose where to play. Therefore, always analyze the popular payment methods in the player’s country and the available payment methods in the casino (both for depositing and withdrawing funds). Choose a casino with convenient payments. After all, it is important for you to bring a player who will spend money, and how can you do it if there is some kind of method like depositing through the terminal of a no-name company located offline in supermarkets and subways? If the player cannot spend money in the casino, you will not earn anything as an affiliate.

The most popular methods are credit and debit cards, electronic wallets (PayPal, Neteller, ecoPayz), bank transfers, and, of course, cryptocurrencies have become popular in this business.

Take the issue of casino payments seriously and help your people spend money easily!

Who works in online casinos?

As a rule, a large number of people work for a casino operator. This is a common product developed by various departments: support, risk managers, lawyers, financiers, designers, developers, testers, and many others.

Much depends on their competence, just like in any other product/business.

The weakest link in an online casino is the marketing department, or rather the people responsible for acquisition because, if it were otherwise, affiliate marketing in the gambling niche would not be such a hot spot for affiliates.

Why online casinos need affiliate

To answer this question easily and clearly, I will compare an online casino with a store.

Let’s imagine that you opened your grocery store, bought high-quality goods from well-known and reputable manufacturers, rented a nice room, arranged and decorated it, your store was checked by all inspections, you paid a lot of taxes.

But there is one problem: there are no customers. What should you do? Create a website, advertise on websites and social networks? This requires people, professionals who are expensive, and you’ve already spent money on everything else.

Why not outsource the advertising of your store to those who can do it? Let them spend money on content, websites, development, and employee salaries and simply bring you customers, and you will give them a certain percentage of the amount spent by the customer in your store, but only after deducting all your expenses according to your own formula.

The same is with online casinos. Usually, investors invest in everything except marketing and customer acquisition or do it at a low rate.

No, of course, not all of them, there are those who have their own in-house teams of SEO specialists, PPC specialists, SMM specialists, and others, but even if you have in-house teams, why not attract additional traffic sources? After all, even if you give 30-40% of the revenue to the affiliate, the casino will still have a high income.

After all, a casino always stays in the black!